Sunday, March 26, 2017

it's been a long time since I've come across a cool roller coaster to share, but check this out, the first suspended roller coaster, 1902

Bisby's Spiral Airship built in 1902 had cars that were suspended underneath a track and could swing freely. The cars travelled up an inclined track, and then descended along a spiral track around a steel frame tower before returning to the station. This is commonly acknowledged as the first suspended roller coaster type ride.

a very cool looking Goodyear gas and tire station, looking south on Los Angeles Street (now Anaheim Blvd.) from Cypress Street after the 1938 flood

I don't think I've ever seen a close up of a Goodyear gas station,

visible stores and businesses include he Goodyear Service Station, Cone Bros. Chevrolet Sales and Service, Van Buren Furniture, Riutcel-Smith Furniture Company, F.P. Robins Signs and the Pickwick Hotel.

2 girls were barred by a gate agent from boarding a United Airlines flight, because they were wearing leggings, and traveling under an employee travel pass that includes a dress code,

The girls, one is 10 years old, were not allowed onto the morning flight because they were traveling under an employee travel pass that includes a dress code, United spokesman Jonathan Guerin said.

The dress code bars pass travelers from wearing spandex or Lycra pants such as leggings. The teenagers agreed to change their clothing and take a later flight, Guerin said, but the airline's actions sparked a quick backlash

Activist Shannon Watts of Denver tweeted that she witnessed Sunday's events and questioned United's decision to police women's clothing.

Watts was traveling on vacation to Mexico when she heard a family next to her panic. Then she heard the female agent explain to the young travelers that they couldn’t get on the plane wearing spandex.

Watts said the girl's father was allowed to board while wearing shorts and called the airline's policy sexist.

Pacific Auto Works in Long Beach designed in 1928

Packard dealership, Santa Monica. Now it is the Mercedes Benz dealership

99 year old Gladys Stroud enjoys wheeling around Las Vegas in her 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue, and says the secret to long life is cigars, sex, and scotch. No argument here, I'm half her age and willing to try whatever she recommends.

She came into the world on March 31, 1917, six days before the U.S. entered World War I and at a time when the maximum speed limit in most American cities was 10 mph.

While it’s fascinating to learn that the hamburger bun was invented in the year of her birth, it’s even more wonderful to be in the company of someone who has been around for a century and still has the good health to really enjoy life now.

Returning to New York after high school, she graduated from business school and met her first husband, Arnold Bazell. Their second child, Frank, a Green Beret, was killed in Vietnam in 1965. He was awarded the Silver Star for Valor.

Her only prescribed medications are for mild cases of high blood pressure and acid reflux. She also takes a few vitamins.

After parking the Olds the other day in her Peccole Ranch neighborhood in west Las Vegas, Gladys half-ran into her house to play mahjong.

Thanks Steve!

a darn good use for a belly tank, National Aircraft Show, Dayton Ohio – 1953


Nha Trang, Vietnam – 1969 Lambretta Lambro 3-wheeler.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

ice fishing straight out of the car, a '46 Chrysler New Yorker

1940s circus, behind the scenes

1951 trip to the lake in a late 40s Pontiac

wrecking companies sure have sunk a long way from this downtown streetfront business model

Emmanuel Zurini’s bronze Maserati 250F, and Stanley Wanlass’s The Racers, 1978

a most remarkable collection of classic cars, and 48 of them went to auction in Sept 2015, and resulted in 24 million dollars

the residence was once the summer house of the king of Denmark

this 1914 boat tail model by Schebera Coachbuilders is just one of the cars in the 24 million dollar collection of Mr. Henrik Frederiksen

Wilhlem Maybach started his career as an apprentice to Gottlieb Daimler. He is credited with several Mercedes innovations still in use, the radiator among them.

Maybach outlived Daimler and went on to build V12 dirigible engines for Count Zeppelin and, with his son, formed an autombile company after WWI.

In the 1930s Maybach, like Mercedes and Packard, offered more affordable models. The Maybach SW-38 was one of these cars. Its Spohn design gave true meaning to the term “fitted luggage”

This contest give away 57 Chevy was built by George Barris for Ringo Starr

It’s hard to upstage an icon like Ringo Starr, but this ’57 Chevy Bel Air Coupe stole the spotlight from the former Beatle in an NBC television prime time special titled "Ringo." The program also featured Carrie Fisher, John Ritter, George Harrison, Vincent Price, Art Carney and Angie Dickinson – but the real star was the car.

Craig stereo systems wanted a custom ’57 Chevy for a prize in their ‘Win The Car of Ringo Starr Sweepstakes.’ The ads featured Ringo with the car and ran in Hot Rod, Motor Trend and many teen magazine…and it moved like it looked!”

The 45-minute special, a rock and roll twist on "The Prince and the Pauper,” originally aired on April 26, 1978. One of the more memorable scenes shows Starr’s nerdy separated-at-birth character, Ognir Rats, behind the wheel and singing “You’re Sixteen” to his girlfriend (Carrie Fisher). The two end up getting arrested for grand theft auto at the end of the song by Policewoman Angie Dickinson.

As advertised, Craig awarded the Chevy to a lucky sweepstakes winner in 1978. It eventually ended up in Australia, where it was purchased by a Beatles collector and remained for decades.

Dick Shepard probably has the greatest collection of Triumph motorcycles

While the collection contains at least one example of every Turner-designed Triumph ever made, it is also replete with rare and unique machines – the quest for one of which resulted in Shepherd meeting his long-standing “finder” Mike Jackson, a former director of Norton Motorcycles and a respected doyen of the vintage-bike world.

after more than 45 years of buying and refining – and a great deal of detective work to track down rarities – Shepherd is the proud owner of what is probably the greatest collection of Triumph bikes in the world: more than 320 of them.

He bought the only car Triumph Motorcycles ever made, which was called the Ladybird.
“The owner,  would only sell the car with the single-cylinder prototype bike that was the first machine to be raced at the Isle of Man TT by Triumph’s senior road tester, Percy Tait."

He also bought the most important motorcycle in the history of the ISDT, the only one to have won five gold medals, and went on to find the other three team bikes that competed alongside it in 1964, the Steve McQueen - Bud Ekins year, and so now has the full set.

Shepherd also counts among his collection the actual TR6 machine famously ridden by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape;
the supercharged, twin-engined Cyclotron on which tuning ace Fred Cooper became the first person to officially exceed 200mph on British soil in 1972;
 the TR5 ridden by Henry Winkler’s The Fonz in the television series Happy Days;
the Bonneville ridden by Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible III (bought at auction in 2012 for £13,800);
 and the T100 that won the celebrated 1966 race at Daytona International Speedway when Buddy Elmore came from a seemingly impossible 54th place to take the chequered flag.

I was reading an article in Driving Line magazine (Nitto Tires) about a dodge transmission swap, and it brought up "cryogenically treating" the gears

Although the truck left the assembly line packing a G56 six-speed manual transmission, it was scrapped long ago. After destroying four gearboxes—a common problem when the G56’s aluminum case is exposed to the earth-twisting torque a modified Cummins creates.

 But before the six-speed swap took place, the NV5600 was torn down, its internal parts were cryogenically treated for stress relief, and the gearbox was rebuilt.

The ’05.5 and newer Ram trucks were equipped with the G56 six-speed transmission—Jake’s being one of them—which is notorious for failing when subjected to high torque loads (i.e. from a modified Cummins in front of it). After replacing the G56 on three separate occasions, an NV5600 swap was performed. And not only that, all of the NV5600’s internals were cryogenically treated by Zumbrota Bearing And Gear (ZBAG) of Zumbrota, Minnesota prior to being installed.

SO... ever hear of cryogenically treated gears? I haven't. But they are a thing

Michael Eisenberg, a Los Angeles collector of famous motorcycles, owns a few incredible motorbikes.

He owned one of the Captain America bikes (there are more than 2, Dan Haggerty restored and sold them after Easy Rider)

Eisenberg is well-versed in the memorabilia business. He supplied many of the motorcycles that decorate the Planet Hollywood restaurants, and once co-owned a Los Angeles motorcycle-themed restaurant with Fonda and “Easy Rider” co-star Dennis Hopper

Haggerty on the other hand, had a lot of problems after his popular tv show Grizzly Adams, even sold cocaine to undercover cops in 1988, and did 10 days in jail for tax evasion in 1985.

Michael Eisenberg, sits on the customized Captain America chopper Peter Fonda rode in “Easy Rider”

The gleaming stars-and-stripes panhead chopper with chromed hardtail frame is accompanied by three letters of authenticity. One is signed by the National Motorcycle Museum, where it was displayed for 12 years. Another is from Fonda and a third from Haggerty.

He has owned a few Steve McQueen motorcycles too, though I can't figure out why he buys and sells them. Just for profit I suppose, damn shame

Eisenberg, whose day job is selling high-end properties for Keller Williams in Beverly Hills, bought his first bit of McQueen memorabilia — a motorcycle that the actor owned and rode — 25 years ago and has watched it steadily increase in value. Actually, he’s watched it as it sits in his living room, much to his wife’s chagrin

Since then, he's bought and sold Steve McQueen's sunglasses, watch, and Chevy truck.

I have some strange news... driving instructor killed on a track in Vegas, fellow instructor now sues the supercar rental business

a Lamborghini Aventador involved in an accident that killed two people on Feb. 12 had brake problems and was not suitable to be used on the track because it was a roadster with a convertible top that didn’t have a roll bar or cage.

After the fatal crash that killed SpeedVegas driving instructor Gil Ben-Kely and Canadian tourist Craig Sherwood, other driving instructors were required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, perform a road test on the track and sign an acknowledgment form that says, “every precaution has been taken to ensure my safety as well as the safety of our guests.”

The lawsuit alleges that the SpeedVegas track “is inherently, excessively and unnecessarily dangerous in design and operation” and that brakes on cars used in the operation were not properly maintained.

Durban, who had asked track managers to move a concrete wall farther away from the track at the turn where the Aventador crashed and to install Formula One-TECPRO safety barriers, said his suggestions weren’t taken when the track reopened for business on Feb. 22. He refused to sign the acknowledgment form.

“Unsafe or unreasonably dangerous conditions continue to exist at SpeedVegas following the fatal crash that SpeedVegas had not changed and that are a threat to plaintiff, his co-workers as well as customers of SpeedVegas,” the lawsuit says.

Citing public policy for employers to provide a safe and healthy environment for employees, Durban said he has been effectively terminated because he refused to work in unsafe conditions. He also is seeking an injunction to close the track until safe conditions are installed.

Now get this... this news? Came out in the newspaper the day after the next post, that Top Gear USA is going to film at this place. I think we are going to hear more about this

here we go, here comes another Flop Gear USA... The BBC is going to try another (they never learn) Top Gear America

‘Top Gear’ Spinoff ‘Top Gear America’ Greenlighted By BBC America, and the show will be filmed at the racetrack east of Las Vegas

Top Gear America reviews not just exclusive and state-of-the-art vehicles but also the cars of America’s culture defining past, according to BBCA. Each week also will feature a different celebrity who will compete for top honor on the leader board at the new Top Gear studio and track, Speed Vegas.

The network says the eight-episode hourlong series will be hosted by racing enthusiast and actor William Fichtner, world champion drag racer Antron Brown, and British car journalist Tom “Wookie” Ford.

The three will race various vehicles along the scenic highways and historic tracks of the American west and, in “Top Gear” tradition, each episode will feature a celebrity guest racing around a track in an attempt to beat other celebrities’ times and will include the presence of mysterious masked driver The Stig.

The previous BBC America Top Gear was on tv for 6 seasons.

Clarkson Hammond and May did about 21. See what I mean by Flop Gear? CHM and Top Gear were the highest rated tv show on the planet. Everyone loved it.

BBC America Top Gear? I tried it once, I never bothered ever again. It simply could not meet the expected amount of entertainment that it simply HAD TO in order to earn that name.

Model A Times magazine did a fantastic article on aftermarket heaters, I never looked into how they worked