Monday, October 24, 2016

Sadler race cars, Canadian history you've probably never heard of before

Sadler race cars were built in Canada in St. Catharines, Ontario in a small race shop run by a young engineer. Bill Sadler built and drove a few very good race cars, then abruptly gave up racing, went back to school to study electrical engineering, graduated from M.I.T. with a Masters in electrical engineering then went to work in the aeronautical industry for years.

Wow, someone took a '32 Auburn on the 2014 Great Race

Joe Reinan of Minn., drives and his navigator, Chris Brungardt is from West Fargo,

It qualified for the Indianapolis 500, but wrecked in practice and never ran in the race. Some years later, it was resurrected from the junkyard, restored and raced on dirt tracks in upstate New York in the 1940s and ’50s. It has a straight-eight engine with four two-barrel carbs and makes 300 hp at 7,500 rpm — in its day, a real screamer.

tanks and trolley tracks right up main st Washington DC, 1947.

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worst crash (in terms of # of dead) in California in decades, as a bus from a casino smashes at high speed into a semi trailer

The crash occurred at 5:17 a.m. Sunday in Desert Hot Springs as the bus headed back to Los Angeles from a casino in Thermal near the Salton Sea.

Passengers said they boarded the USA Holiday bus Saturday night at the intersection of Olympic Boulevard and Vermont Avenue for a trip to the Red Earth Casino in Thermal.

In the past, the bus company charged $20 a ticket for round-trip travel to get to 4½ hours of gambling.

The bus went about 15 feet into the trailer

there doesn't seem to be an embeddable video of Gavin Bottger, a 9 year old, at the AM pro tec... but it's worth clicking through to watch it on Facebook

Historical photos... sure would have helped the accuracy in restoring Orbitron, they missed the pinstriping around the triple lights, and put red and green on the wrong sides

freshly released new BMW/ Clive Owen movie, The Escape

Timeless Americans, a 3 year passion project to make a coffee table book about pre1916 motorcycles

Eddie Lee just released the 1st printing of the 14” x 11”landscape-style edition of Timeless American, a selection of Pre-1916 Motorcycles, which was produced and printed in the United States.

The hard cover case bound book has 264 pages, circa 1900 to 1915 – single, V-Twin and four cylinder engines. The book showcases 26 manufacturers in chronological and alphabetical order, including Thor, Henderson, Flying Merkel, Marsh Metz, Hudson, Pope, Marvel, Reading Standard, Emblem and Cyclone, to name a few.

Lee shot an average of two bikes per day. The entire shoot took about eight months and post production took another six months. To order your copy go to: Iron Vault Studio The book retails for $125.

The 1937 Chrysler Imperial special car that Walter Chrysler had built for his wife.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Merc Marauder at the Art Center Classic

that wonderful Randy Grubb, Blastolene Brother, creates again! The Falconer Dodici roadster

aBrubaker Box was at the Art Center Classic

Brubaker studied at Art Center in Pasadena and then helped design the iconic Lear jet, and worked in GM's Advanced Research Group.

The Brubaker Box — also produced under the name Automecca Sports Van — was a custom vehicle built, like so many kit cars of the era, on a VW Beetle chassis. The Box wasn't exactly a kit car, though, since it was only available in finished form during the all-too-brief time it was available.

The problem was he never could reach a deal with VW to sell him only chassis and drivetrains, so he was always stuck buying full Beetles and selling off the unneeded parts, which was hardly efficient. Selling the cars at $3995 only let him barely break even.

Eventually, the Box design was sold to Automecca, who sold it as the Sports Van, though not many were sold there, either.

info and video from

you might recognize this van if you watch the sitcom Big Bang Theory

damn good looking semi

the theme of this years Art Center Classic is "hand built" so I guess that is why this semi is there

intriguing way of analyzing possibilities of a cars potential upgrades

notice the hinges give 3 of the back of the cabin windows the ability to be lifted up, instead of just a hatchback

if you know what this is you're my kind of cool people, part of the car guy tribe