Sunday, May 27, 2018

why bother even arguing, Murphy's law wins again

Huh... I'm wondering if that was a coincidence, or someone really wanted their van to look like their shoes

Unconventional Heroes by Gerald Bear. How important is is that casting chooses the right model for the movie car hero

some automatic car washes now have soap cannons to help kids do something while waiting.

PSA: Don’t Park like an idiot. There are lines for a reason.

Marv Tonkin Ford in Oregon built 25 pink Mustangs, for a promotion which was anchored by a test drive with a Playboy Playmate

Tonkin's Shelby sales were strong. He was ranked number 12 all time.
Tonkin sold 8 1965 Shelbys and followed that up with 23 cars sold during 1966, Tonkin increased his 1967 Shelby sales to 43 cars.

either they are prepping for the next flood/hurricane surge, or their Jeep Grand Cherokee's body has rusted thru, but that PT Cruiser body fits like a glove!!

Doc Browns van.... and Delorean transporter. That's a pretty cool rig to have, and would be the ultimate accessory if you had a Delorean that was fixed up with all the gadgets to look like the movie car

good looking Kenworth

kinda amazed that SWIFT wasn't involved

wtf? Why would anyone take a rig that heavy to the shore?

seems like the driver forgot he wasn't in his commuter car

there they are..... where ya been Swift? Long time no crash!

some hooligans started young!

1908 3-wheeler AC Sociable from Auto Carriers Ltd. with driver and passenger side by side (2 seater) or driver behind (3 seater)

Brazil's truckers had a 4 day strike to protest rising diesel prices that caused fuel shortages, cut into food deliveries, backed up exports and threatened airline flights. The govt got the message

Brazil's economy runs largely on road transport and the strike to protest rising diesel prices was beginning to have serious consequences, with highway police reporting blocked roads in nearly all of Brazil's states.

Eliseu Padilha, chief of staff for President Michel Temer, told reporters in Brasilia that several unions that represent truckers agreed to suspend the strike for 15 days to give all parties time to negotiate a solution to rising fuel prices that drivers say has cut deeply into their earnings.

The airport in the capital of Brasilia allowed landings only by planes that carried enough fuel to take off again.

In Rio de Janeiro, only about two-thirds of the city's buses were running Thursday

The Brazilian Association of Meat Industry Exporters said dozens of meatpacking plants were idling because of the strike, and 1,200 containers carrying beef for export were not being loaded on ships each day. Brazil is one of the largest exporters of meat in the world.

Jorge Martins, owner of an orange distributer, said he hadn't had a shipment in days.

Truckers complain that rising diesel prices have cut deeply into their income and are demanding relief from the government. Diesel prices are being pushed up by rising world oil prices and Brazil's falling real currency.

On Wednesday night, the lower house of Congress rushed through a bill to eliminate a tax on diesel through the end of the year. But the Senate still had to approve it.

Truckers rejected the Wednesday decision by the state oil company Petrobras to reduce diesel prices at refineries by 10 percent. The company said the measure would last for 15 days and give the government time to negotiate an end to the strike.

"The government thinks truckers are illiterate and can't count," said Vicente Reis, who has been driving for 20 years. "In 2018, there has already been about a 25 percent increase in fuel prices. And now they want a 15-day freeze with (a reduction of) 10 percent. Truckers know how to count, Mr. President."

Swift gave up on trying to act stealthy

it is shocking to learn that UPS has lost, and given up attempting to find, the 4 new wood wheels on the original hubs and irreplaceable Michelin rims of the 1911 National. If you can bring some brass knuckles to this fight, let UPS know they've got some looking around to do

Brian Blain left this announcement on the prewar racecar, gow-jobs, and speedsters facebook:

This 1911 National was headed to Indy where it ran in the first Indy 500, but UPS Freight lost the wheels.

 Four new wood wheels on the original hubs and irreplaceable Michelin rims.

After 3 weeks they stopped returning my phone calls and messages and suggested I file a claim.

How can they lose a pallet that is 4ft x 4ft x 5ft tall?

The worst part is they don't care and won't even respond.

Maybe some of you have some clout with UPS Freight, apparently I don't.

if you can lean on UPS and help Brian and a historic car, his contact is

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Longtime Nickey fabricator John Tinberg spotted an ad on eBay Motors for a ’55 Nash two-door post, and made a cool little gasser out of it

when he spotted this ’55 Nash on eBay, he hit the “buy it now” button. The car was soon delivered to the Nickey gasser shop, where he and Randy Schmitt build all the straight-axle cars for Nickey. The Nash sat for months, inspiring much discussion and many concerns about whether it was even practical to make a unibody Nash into a real gasser. Tinberg issued the challenge to Schmitt, and after some head scratching and a few dozen sketches on the garage floor, the plan came together.

full gallery and story at

the Terra Tamer and the Terrain Master

using a fat wheel and a wheel mounted disc brake, the control is simple and easy, and it's got to make getting someone out of a mountain trail or skiing hill a lot easier than carrying them down on a stretcher

or switching to an atv wheel for use in sand dunes, snow, etc

and attachable hand holds, adjustable litter control handles

gas cans as garage art I get... but gallery art prints? Hmmm.

Stagecoaches at Korenlei, Gent. c.1912.

these remind me of the extremely large stage coach I saw in the Coburn movie "Duck You Sucker"

.... they are just so damn big! 

gothic and industrial view of the Queensboro Bridge and two massive smokestacks, showing the reconstruction of its train tracks looking east to Queens. New York. 1930

The first New York Automobile show, Madison Square Garden, 1900

screen grabs from a video I can't find on youtube to embed, but it's pretty cool to see if you want to click through