Tuesday, September 27, 2016

911GT3 Porsche, was a lot faster than strong, and the cars ability to stay in one piece when a large tree stood it's ground was found to be lacking

the 25 and 15 year old riders will not see 26 and 16


Jason Statham

helical wheels... made of three-dimensional sine waves, increases traction, decreases rolling resistance... well, that is the pseudoscience claims of the manufacturer

Unlike traditional wheels, this design creates a thinner contact patch with the pavement, providing less rolling resistance and faster ride.

“The alternating pattern equates to increased control — the width is increased, but the friction is decreased,” explains the startup’s Kickstarter page. “The sine wave design provides three lips per wheel for superior lateral grip. A traditional wheel only has one.”

Created by Zack Fleishman, Shark Wheels — named because they resemble a shark’s jaw — also help skaters avoid debris, a common nuisance for beachfront skaters of Southern California.


So, if you'd rather bypass the hype, and get to the science that proves most of the claims are just hype to get more free publicity, then read http://physicsbuzz.physicscentral.com/2013/06/reinventing-wheel.html and it doesn't take long to see that if any skateboard tire were just groved, all the same claims would apply. This company happened to make a different looking wheel, and that is about all they actually accomplished

the Metronome, a Bond Bug with a nitro hemi, and Isetta front end

My favorite photos from the Red Bull Illume photo contest

Monday, September 26, 2016

like so many old drag racing things, I love the parachutes

the Manta Ray in '67


though we are used to seeing it completely white, Dean seems to have painted it occasionally to add some new factor to it while on the show circuit...

if this is the 1st time you've heard of or seen the Manta Ray, and want to learn something cool, read

the rumble seat AMX

the GT1

Army topography map Bonneville Salt Flats Great Salt Lake Desert 1959

I've posted about it years ago, but finally here are some photos of the GeeTeeO Tiger looking for some to drag race, I've read it was George Hurst in the costume sometimes

One of the most fun dragstrip promo events was a random spectator would be invited to beat the Tiger (normally one of the Royal Pontiac crew in a ridiculous striped getup) in a heads-up race with two Goats: one with a black panel, the other with a white panel.

It was called the In the "Beat the Tiger" match race.

In 1965 and 1966, at an NHRA National event, and if you had a winning ticket, you could actually "RACE" one of the Royal Pontiac "GeeTO Tigers" against the Mystery Tiger in a full 1/4 mile drag race.


Spraying on BX 10, the traction compound that was promoted as gaining you a 1/10th of a second

Garlits' Dart 2

Countdown to the 1st episode of Grand Tour... 52 days.

Soichiro Honda once said:

in the future, there would “be just half a dozen car companies...and Morgan.”


the USA... land of the car loving enthusiasts for over 100 years, and also, the country at war with driving

Speed traps,
 abnormally low speed limits,
gratuitous court fees,
 registration fee hikes,
rising insurance rates,
criminally high tolls,
license plate cameras,
speed cameras,
the loss of street parking in urban areas,
 taxes on parking garages,
and parking tickets.

We’re told it’s for safety, for progress.

Yet, there’s nothing being done to improve average citizens’ skills through the cheapest of all methods: Education.

The DMV driving test? Doesn't test your ability to drive, nor your knowledge of all the driving laws. (See http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2014/08/what-keeps-americans-from-being-tested.html )


The shortest route to drive across country, for a Tesla, or a gas car

There is only one optimal route for a Tesla in order to use the Supercharger network Tesla has in place, which runs approximately 2,877 miles.

The most ideal route—available only to gas cars—is 2,811 miles.


Sad news to pass along, none of us were winners (who put in for the free trip) to the filming of the Grand Tour California (it was in Victorville)

They filmed it this past Saturday... well, it also was a heat wave in So Cal... so, maybe I'll enjoy watching it just as much in the air conditioned comfort



Yahoo news was apparently there, http://finance.yahoo.com/news/exclusive-inside-grand-tour-taping-183244241.html

A time you'd like an ejection seat, or a fire suppression system, but don't have either - and are very happy with the leathers you are wearing

this didn't take long... the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge has become dominated by Corvettes

6 Corvettes, the oldest is a 1999... then an '03, '06, '07, '11, and a 2012
5 Camaros,  3 are pre-1971, 1 1967, 1 1969s, and 1 1970 then a 2013 and a 2014
2 Mustangs...  one is a '66 - the oldest car in the tops points standing
1 GT R

Ken Thwaits is driving both a Camaro and an Evo

After 9 events, the GTL leaders are
Mike DuSold       1967 Camaro             1,458 points
Rich Willhoff       2006 Corvette            1,457 points
Ken Thwaits        2006 Mitsubishi Evo  1,441 points
Karl Dunn            2002 Corvette             1,413 points

Nothing newer than a 2014 Camaro. So, no turn key just bought race cars like a GT 350 or a Z 28
No Mopars


Chevrolet Moonlight Speedster built by GM Holden

Moonlight Speedster body numbers date from 1931, and it is known from 1931 newspaper reports that five Moonlight Speedster cars were built as the 1931 Chevrolet models were launched around the same June day in the five major capital cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane and each capital city had a Speedster on display.

 This means there were at least five additional Moonlight Speedsters in storage at GM Holden's Woodville factory in South Australia awaiting new buyer orders.

The car's primary role was to highlight the 1931 Chevrolet range under the new GM Holden merged Company, a Hero car with dramatic and sporty design to get buyers into Chevrolet showrooms.

From the firewall back the Moonlight Speedster bodies are hand formed aluminium with the standard firewall steel pressing bolted to the cowl by two timber frames. Moving back, the boat-tail is constructed of 17 pieces of welded aluminium fitted with a timber frame.

The Chevrolet Moonlight Speedster design was copied from the 1929 - 30 Vauxhall Hurlingham. Vauxhall was also a GM company as is Opel of Germany. It seems likely Vauxhall took out a registered design on the Hurlingham's stunning shape.  The Hurlingham was a slightly larger car, sitting on a 123 inch wheelbase compared to the Chevrolet Monnlight Speedster's 109 inch wheelbase. Opel also produced a similar shaped car in 1932, the Opel Moonlight Roadster with a 1.8 litre six cylinder engine.

http://www.vvcaaqldinc.org.au/page7.php  thanks Paul!

some Von Dutch you may not have seen before, I sure had not

this smaller than factory Honda was named Teeny Weenie by Von Dutch... and I've never heard of it until this morning's email from Paul. The internet hasn't got jack about it showing up on a Google or Bing search

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Motorcycle Cannonball made it to the finish line in Carlsbad right on time, and there was a big crowd of family and supporters to meet, greet, and welcome them

proof that 100 year old motorcycles burn up quite a bit of oil internally and externally

1914 Warrick Motor Carrier

You've got 2 years to make ready a motorcycle over a 100 years old for the next Cannonball.... and it's seriously one of the coolest things you'll ever do. Bucket list or not.

During the trip, they passed through the Mojave Desert where it was 96 degrees, and entered the Joshua Tree National Park where it was 100 degrees.